quality policy


Quality policy of Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowego "POLWENT"
Sp. z o. o. are all technical and technological intentions regarding
manufactured products as well as working conditions, production process and
social conditions based on PN EN ISO 9001: 2009 and AQAP

Our main goal is:

"Product quality that meets all the requirements and needs of customers" 

The goals we are systematically aiming at are:

- managing the entire sphere of quality

- maintaining the company's position as a competitive and development company

- ensuring that the company's logo is a guarantee
quality and reliability of manufactured products by our company

- reliable and timely fulfillment of obligations towards the client

- making the production process environmentally friendly

We achieve quality goals by:

- the need to constantly improve the qualifications and awareness of the organization's employees regarding the recognition of the role of product quality

- setting high quality thresholds for our suppliers

- continuous market research, introduction of new products and improvement
existing to meet potential customers' needs

- continuous improvement of the Quality Management System to the expectations and requirements posed by current and future recipients.

The Management Board of the Company provides the necessary resources to implement the above
quality policy, and ensures that quality policy is known,
understood and respected by all employees of the company.

Chairman of the Board
Częstochowa, 01/09/2009 W3

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